Gert-Jan Dreessen kwartet

Agenda Gert-Jan Dreessen

Gert-Jan Dreessen kwartet

Jazz at the terrace

Full / Limited capacity because of corona measures
Grote zaal - podium op podium - C-mine Energiegebouw

After a year of living, studying and performing in the jazz metropolis of New York drummer Gert-Jan Dreessen is back in Belgium. During his time in the US he wrote a new repertoire. For the premiere in Limburg Gert-Jan Dreessen gathers top musicians together on the idyllic terrace of the Energy Building in C-mine.


Gert-Jan Dreessen (drum)
Ben Van Gelder (sax)
Bram De Looze (piano)
Cyrille Obermüller (bass)

Precautions against the Coronavirus

  • The doors open at 7.15 p.m. so that the audience can enter calmly and divided. The concert starts at 8.15 p.m. and takes place on the terrace of the big concert hall. When rain is forcasted the concert will take place on the stage of the big concert hall in which the same measures are taken into account.
  • The chairs will be arranged conform to the social distancing measures.
  • On the terrace of the big concert hall the catering staff will take your order with their mask on so you can enjoy drinks while seated. On the stage of the big concert hall there is no service.
  • Read the measures taken by C-mine against the spreading of the corona virus.