Het nieuwstedelijk

Agenda Het nieuwstedelijk Hybris (c) Boumediene Belbachims

Het nieuwstedelijk


Grote zaal - C-mine Energy building
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For 'Hybris' theater maker Christophe Aussems talked to surgeons and patients. What if things went wrong during an operation? How do you deal with failure? How do you continue to live with irreversible damage?

A powerful, modest drama about an important social topic”  theaterkrant.nl



Play: Inge Paulussen & Tom Ternest
Live music: Patricia Vanneste/Esther Coorevits & Bert Hornikx
Interviews, text & direction: Christophe Aussems
Dramaturgy: Els Theunis
Scenography: Bart Van Merode
Costume: Chris Snik
Direction-assistance and transcription interviews: Ellis Meeusen
Recording interviews: Kenneth Berth opnames
Transcription interviews: Pieter Delfosse
Production: Ellen Haesevoets
Scenography: Andreas Ketels/kunstenvliegmerk atelier
Sound: Stefan De Reese
Technics: Bregt Janssens

In cooperation with Master Theater Toneelacademie Maastricht.
This production was realised with the support of Tax Shelter of the belgian federal gouvernment and Gallop Tax shelter.

C-mine organizes all activities in accordance with the precautions against the Coronavirus.

- 26 jaar
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