Business space

Business space

Are you interested in establishing your company at C-mine? Several companies offer commercial space in their buildings.

C-mine Crib

Creative Innovative Business, that is what Crib stands for!

Built on the foundations of the Winterslag mine, this incubator supports young, innovative companies in their start-up or growth phase. C-mine Crib does this by offering a wide range of flexible office formulas in an inspiring working environment. Additionally, start-ups and growing companies can come here for specialised guidance and coaching.




C-mine Crib ©Stad Genk C-mine Crib ©Stad Genk


Marijke Steegen
Manager C-mine Crib
T + 32 (0)89 20 17 00

C-mine business zone

C-mine Business Zone

The business zone north of the C-mine site holds many opportunities for companies that match C-mine’s creative mission. Want to learn more?



Bernd Bormans
Afdeling Economie dienst Bedrijfsleven
M +32 (0)473 77 31 20
T +32 (0)65 44 22