Heritage spaces

Heritage spaces

From mining site to creativity hotspot: C-mine keeps history alive!

C-mine lives and breathes history – you can see and feel it everywhere. Take a deep dive into the history of the Winterslag mine and experience its reassignment as C-mine.

All the protected monuments on the mining site have been assigned new roles. Take for example the warehouse, turned into a studio and living space by and for Pieter Stockmans, the porcelain artist. The former horse stables serve as business space and the old mining offices now house C-mine Crib, the incubator for young, creative entrepreneurs. The former bathing and lamp room, in which miners used to pick up their number and lamp at the start of their shift before going underground, now houses a cinema complex, a number of companies and some catering establishments.

In the Energy building, the former compressor hall and ventilator buildings, today you will find the visitor reception, a culture and design centre and catering facilities. The old machine rooms have been restored and two new theatre rooms have ingeniously been added to the existing buildings. The interior of the original machine rooms has been preserved to the max and has been carefully restored. The Barenzaal, the mine's former power plant, serves as a space for corporate functions.

On the C-mine plaza, you can still see the ruin of the collection buildings. Both imposing pit towers have been preserved, ensuring that the site retains a high visibility in the area.

In 2013, C-mine was awarded the Vlaamse Monumentenprijs (Flemish Monument Prize).

Discover the rich past of the old Winterslag mining site in the video below. Would you prefer to watch it on a big screen? Then visit C-mine, where this heritage film is shown in the Energy building.

Would you like more information about the various buildings before your visit? Read it below.

Energiegebouw ©stad Genk Energiegebouw ©stad Genk
Energy Building
C-mine crib ©stad Genk C-mine crib ©stad Genk
Office Building
Lampisterie ©stad Genk Lampisterie ©stad Genk
Baths and Lamp Room
Erfgoed Magazijngebouw ©Stad Genk Erfgoed Magazijngebouw ©Stad Genk
Paardenstallen ©stad Genk Paardenstallen ©stad Genk
Horse Stables
Schachttorens ©stad Genk Schachttorens ©stad Genk
Pit towers