Energy building

Energy building

This is C-mine’s main building. Today we call it the Energiegebouw (Energy Building). These are the remaining machine buildings, where you can still see a few of the places that were of vital importance for operating the mine.

In the small compressor hall, there were impressive drive engines that gave the collection machines on the pit towers the power they needed.

In the ventilator buildings, two above-ground fans generated the clean air that was necessary for those who worked down below in the mine. The continuous flow of fresh air was also meant to minimise the risk of explosions. The underground backup fan was not turned on unless the ones above ground failed.

The air compressors were located in the large compressor hall. Down in the mine, the machines were powered by compressed air to avoid the risk of explosion via electric sparks.

Most of the power plant was dismantled in the 1970s. The high-voltage switches and the large marble control panel have been preserved in the Barenzaal.