Studio Pieter Stockmans

Studio Pieter Stockmans

Porcelain art, artisanally produced, with an experimental approach.

Stockmans ©Renaat Nijs Stockmans ©Renaat Nijs

Studio Pieter Stockmans combines artisanal production with a contemporary, experimental approach of porcelain art. The designer constantly explores the boundaries of the material. This studio is Belgium’s number one specialist in hard porcelain designs. Every design is made here in the workshop, from start to finish.

Studio Pieter Stockmans has been focusing on small, unique collections since 1987. Famous realisations include the trophy for the Memorial Vandamme and the plate for the royal wedding in Monaco. The studio is highly regarded by international top chefs, including Alain Ducasse and Lanshu Chen. Pieter is passing on 50 years of knowhow and love for the product to his daughter Widukind, who has been in charge of the studio’s daily management since 2007, and his son-in-law Frank Claesen, who makes new designs. Together with a six-person team, they continue the special tradition of artisanal hard porcelain in the workshop.

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Studio Pieter Stockmans
C-Mine 100 bus 2
3600 Genk
+32 (0)89 38 23 62

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