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The ‘ruin’ is what remains of the smaller pit tower’s collection building. Which means you’ll have your meeting right inside this venerable heritage site. With a flipchart, a bench, a tent and/or tables, you’ll immediately transform this outdoor space into a unique meeting location. We’ll happily help you work out the right formula!
100 persons (standing)
The Creativity Loft, an inspiring space on the second floor of C-mine Crib, is divided into three parts: a large meeting room, an open space and a cozy sitting area.
24 persons in U-shape
65 persons in theatre style
In addition to regular movie programming, Euroscoop also offers the possibility to organise events in its various rooms. This building is also part of the mining past: the mine’s former ‘lampisterie’ (Lamp Room) and baths were located here.
10 rooms
100-340 seats per room
An impressive location for larger events. The unique setting of the C-mine buildings and the pit tower complete the picture.
5,000 persons (standing)
Looking for an inspiring location for ground-breaking design projects, design innovation happenings or any other activities related to the creative economy? The four contiguous spaces of the C-mine designcentrum (C-mine design centre) are ideally suited for your purpose!
100-170 persons (standing)

This theatre space is located in the impressive Energiegebouw (Energy Building) and comes equipped with all modern technology required for conferences and theatre plays.
487 seats
The Foyer is the pivotal connection between all areas of the Energiegebouw (Energy Building). The original mining industry machines provide a unique backdrop for any event.

400 persons (standing)