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What do you need to know?

Buy a ticket online through the calendar, or at the front desk.
More info: or call C-mine visitor reception: 089 65 44 90


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C-mine pas

Buy a C-mine pass and enjoy a 3 euro discount per performance. A C-mine pass is bought in advance and is valid for one year. When ordering tickets, you can get the discount by entering the unique code on your C-mine pass online.

More info about the C-mine Pass

C-mine plein©stad Genk C-mine plein ©stad Genk

C-mine voucher

Want to surprise someone? With the C-mine voucher you choose freely from C-mine's entire offer with the exception of shows not produced by C-mine. The voucher is valid for 1 year for the activity of your choice.

More info about the C-mine voucher

General terms and conditions

Have a ticket for a performance but can't make it? Purchased tickets are not refundable, but you can exchange them for another performance, another date or a C-mine voucher. The C-mine voucher is only given for in-house programming and not for "to guest" performances.

Can't come to a performance or activity? Request an exchange* to new tickets or a C-mine voucher in time. Do this at the latest before 5 pm on the day of the performance/activity you cannot attend. Afterwards it is no longer possible to exchange your ticket. Please contact the visitors' reception for this.

*Presentations not produced by C-mine

A number of performances are not produced by C-mine. Did you buy a ticket for such a performance and you cannot come to the performance? Then no refund, exchange or C-mine voucher is possible. You will recognize these performances by the mention 'guest' before the title which can be found on the ticket.

When you purchase a ticket you automatically agree to the general terms and conditions.